Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fashion Tips for Med Students

This post is designed to be a work in progress, so if YOU have a fashion tip to contribute, post it in a comment and I'll add it in.  :-)

-Later!!  :-p

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open letter RE: Use of FLASH for instructional presentations

To the general population of medical educators and hospital administrators:

Using FLASH for student training is an inefficient way to convey information, and an absolute waste of time.  Here are the reasons why:
1) My piece-of-crap computer takes forever to load each screen (primary reason)
Please note that being forced to click pictures of fake mouses to display situations on fake computers and open fake resource folders and answer a fake phone on a fake desk to "speak" with a fake administrator ONLY PROLONGS THIS AGONY
2) My reading speed is approximately 1100 words per minute.  I do not, under any conditions, ever want to listen to someone else read a screen to me.  Their reading speed is approximately 0.2 words per minute.  My attention span is NOT long enough to effectively focus on what they are saying after the first 30 seconds.
3) My reading comprehension is approximately 99.999%.  My auditory comprehension is approximately 4%.  So WTH are you reciting lists to me instead of allowing me to read it for myself?!?!?!?
4) I get so bored with the lack of progress the reader is making, I begin writing a blog post in a new tab and the voice of the instructor fades into something resembling "the-adult-voice-through-the-phone" in the Peanuts animated clips.
Wait...."the-adult-voice-through-the-phone" is how ALL verbal communication sounds to my ADHD brain.... 
Point #4 is perhaps slightly less valid than the other two, as I may have a perception bias.

It's been 47 minutes and I'm only on screen 26 of 64!   Of the first training video!


 P.S.  If I am so stupid that I have to be reminded to "Let's try another one!  Click on the best answer and then click submit!" for every. freaking. question. . . . I
a) probably wouldn't be in medical school and
b) you probably wouldn't want me doing clinicals in your hospital or caring for a patient EVER.

P.P.S.   >.<  After all that BS, the javascript failed on the last screen and I couldn't print my freaking certificate of completion.  DAMNit!!!!  Seriously?!?!?!!??

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, I did it again. UPDATE!!! 80.2!!!

(update) YES WAY!!!  I had forgotten to add the points from my pathology case into my module grade!!!!!  FINAL MODULE GRADE IS AN EIGHTY-POINT-TWO!!!  A BEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Such a relief!!

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 Another C in a module.  And, as usual, it was a C that was a mere three test questions short of a B.  A mere three questions that I'm sure I could've gotten correct if I hadn't been pondering the mechanics of the air conditioning unit about halfway through my exam and thus being prone to stupid errors.

Some days just suck.

So ow I'm gonna go read my lecture packets so I'll be prepared for class tomorrow.  Do you know why?  Because even when we [med students] don't succeed, we're not allowed to quit.  The next day, the next module, still comes on time whether you're ready for it or not.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Med Students Should NEVER Discuss Assignments in Public, as reported by 101Md

So, at Medical College, Powers-That-Be have decreed that we do a certain number of pathology projects per year.  This involves us getting a "case" from Baby Robbins, and then exploring this in depth according to the objectives we are provided.  Then, we present the case to our peers.

Yes, we all think it's retarded.  But, Powers-That-Be are firmly convinced that this is a vital component of multi-sensory diversification of education. 

Anyway, I was assigned "The Pathophysiology of HIV and Associated Infections."

Moral of the Story
Basically, I was bitching about my case on the phone, and about how long it took (on a test week, no less).  This is roughly how the conversation went.

Me: "Ugghh!!  It's so stupid!  Total waste of time."

Friend: "Huh?"

Me: "Oh, just these retarded path projects are so time-consuming.  And I got HIV!  Why, of all the diseases there were to choose from, did I have to get HIV?!?!?!"

Friend: "HAHAH!!  You got an STD!"  (Friend knows that I am shy, so having to present ANYTHING sexually related falls into the I-would-rather-have-my-tonsils-removed-without-anesthesia category).

Me: "Aaugh!  I know, it's so embarrassing!!"  *suddenly becomes painfully aware of people staring*

Me: *stammering* "I--uh--I mean--why couldn't the professor have assigned me a different disease to talk about for my project---uh--"

Me: *gives up and runs away, hoping no one I know or ever will know was in that crowd of people*

-Later!!  :-P

Friday, September 17, 2010

Awkward Questions (Part 2)

(Continuation of yesterday's post)

Don't you just *hate* when a friend/acquaintance/classmate/coworker asks one of those questions to which you'd really like to say "NO!"... but your brain can't figure out how to phrase the rejection without sounding like an a**hole?



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awkward Questions (Part 1)

Don't you just *hate* when a friend/acquaintance/classmate/coworker asks one of those questions to which you'd really like to say "NO!"... but your brain can't figure out how to phrase the rejection without sounding like an a**hole?


Part two coming tomorrow.  (If I have time).


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i frickin' LOVE medicine/science!!

Medicine/science is cool.  And it's even more awesome because that coolness HELPS people!

No worries, though...I still hate med school.  I haven't lost my mind (yet).  ;-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

You know you're in med school when:

You put your facebook status as "I can't believe it's only Tuesday" and have 13 non-medical friends immediately comment that it is, in fact, still Monday.

You have to purchase a commercial-grade hole-punch and stapler to put your note packets together.

You a 3-in binder for a week's worth of notes, and a "largest-size-that-Staples-sells" binder to archive the notes for the 2-3wk long module.

Oh yeah, baby, isn't this the life.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What you don't want to hear from a potential publisher...

"Your paper is both good and original--but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good."

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

funnies just appear, sometimes.

Tonight will be short, because I'm extra sleepy (stayed up 'til 4am studying pharm, then woke at 6ish to go to the gym before class).  Test weeks are no fun.

But sometimes, they are extra funny.

Today in small group, we were working through a PBL (problem-based learning) case.  One of us decided to give the patient "levafloxacin four" to treat his pneumonia/UTI.  Our preceptor promptly started choking with suppressed laughter as he patiently explained that we should rather elect to give "levafloxacin - I. V."  Apparently, levafloxacine doesn't come in I, II, III, and IV; but rather in oral dose or IntraVenous solution.

After small group was over, I went with my roommate to get a gyro.
Roomie:  "Can I just get that gyro as a salad, like, without the flatbread?"
Gyro-lady:  "Sure, no problem!" *fills take-out container with lettuce, sliced gyro meat, and tops with tzatziki sauce*
Gyro-lady:  "Would you like any other toppings on this?"
Roomie:  "Ah, just lettuce and tomato."

Wasn't aware that people typically topped a salad with "lettuce" but hey, I'm just an observer, not a judge....!