Wednesday, September 1, 2010

funnies just appear, sometimes.

Tonight will be short, because I'm extra sleepy (stayed up 'til 4am studying pharm, then woke at 6ish to go to the gym before class).  Test weeks are no fun.

But sometimes, they are extra funny.

Today in small group, we were working through a PBL (problem-based learning) case.  One of us decided to give the patient "levafloxacin four" to treat his pneumonia/UTI.  Our preceptor promptly started choking with suppressed laughter as he patiently explained that we should rather elect to give "levafloxacin - I. V."  Apparently, levafloxacine doesn't come in I, II, III, and IV; but rather in oral dose or IntraVenous solution.

After small group was over, I went with my roommate to get a gyro.
Roomie:  "Can I just get that gyro as a salad, like, without the flatbread?"
Gyro-lady:  "Sure, no problem!" *fills take-out container with lettuce, sliced gyro meat, and tops with tzatziki sauce*
Gyro-lady:  "Would you like any other toppings on this?"
Roomie:  "Ah, just lettuce and tomato."

Wasn't aware that people typically topped a salad with "lettuce" but hey, I'm just an observer, not a judge....!


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