Monday, November 29, 2010

Adulthood FAIL

How NOT To Be An Adult, For Dummies:
In 10 Steps Or Fewer.

I'd Tap That

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!  Here's a bit of Monday madness for ya, and the countdown to Christmas holidays BEGINS!!

Also, what is the appropriate plural form of -itis?  I went with -oses but I haven't had a class in medical grammar yet, haha.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Irony is when...

You start out studying and end up browsing the internet, then get distracted by an ad, click on it, then see ANOTHER ad that says "Relieve ADHD symptoms...Fast!!!"

Which reminds you that you've forgotten to take your meds that morning.

Thank you, Google, hereafter addressed as "Medication-Compliance-Police."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love juice.

Really, I do.  Juice is awesome.  Grape juice, low-acid no-pulp Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Pomegranate juice, Blueberry juice..simply delicious.  But there is one that rules them all.

Mott's all-natural, no-sugar-added Apple Juice is truly the most delicious beverage ever.  It is sweet and rich and cool on the tongue.

Or so I thought.

I will be investing in a grip-tool and a chainsaw in the next day or so, as my Mott's is currently mocking me from the fridge, falsely secure in it's sense of impermeability.

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Mott's or it's All-Natural Apple Juice other than my position as a currently very frustrated wannabe-consumer of it's product.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Earl Grey

HAHAHAHAaaaaa!!!  So I did laundry today.  Apparently, had a tea bag in my jeans pocket for some random reason.  Well, screw it, I'm too busy to wash it all over again.  I'll just have to smell like a bloody cup of Earl Grey for a week, underpants and all!!