Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Med Students Should NEVER Discuss Assignments in Public, as reported by 101Md

So, at Medical College, Powers-That-Be have decreed that we do a certain number of pathology projects per year.  This involves us getting a "case" from Baby Robbins, and then exploring this in depth according to the objectives we are provided.  Then, we present the case to our peers.

Yes, we all think it's retarded.  But, Powers-That-Be are firmly convinced that this is a vital component of multi-sensory diversification of education. 

Anyway, I was assigned "The Pathophysiology of HIV and Associated Infections."

Moral of the Story
Basically, I was bitching about my case on the phone, and about how long it took (on a test week, no less).  This is roughly how the conversation went.

Me: "Ugghh!!  It's so stupid!  Total waste of time."

Friend: "Huh?"

Me: "Oh, just these retarded path projects are so time-consuming.  And I got HIV!  Why, of all the diseases there were to choose from, did I have to get HIV?!?!?!"

Friend: "HAHAH!!  You got an STD!"  (Friend knows that I am shy, so having to present ANYTHING sexually related falls into the I-would-rather-have-my-tonsils-removed-without-anesthesia category).

Me: "Aaugh!  I know, it's so embarrassing!!"  *suddenly becomes painfully aware of people staring*

Me: *stammering* "I--uh--I mean--why couldn't the professor have assigned me a different disease to talk about for my project---uh--"

Me: *gives up and runs away, hoping no one I know or ever will know was in that crowd of people*

-Later!!  :-P

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