Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Endocrine and Reproductive

We're currently doing endocrine and reproductive.

This has me (slightly) depressed for two reasons:
1.  I really hate studying pictures of diseased genitalia for hours upon end.  (There's a REASON I know I will never be an OB/GYN!!)
2.  Facebook keeps informing me that a significant majority of the (non-medical) friends that I grew up with, cousins, classmates from undergrad, etc. are currently with child.  Then I have to study all the complications of "advanced maternal age" and it's frustrating to realize that's where I'm heading, because medical school is consuming all of my peak reproductive years.  Now, granted, I haven't yet found the male specimen with which I'd like to procreate.  Nor am I certain that I want to have children.  Neither of these facts really lessens the resentment I feel towards med school right now.

But really, all this may just be an excuse that I use to channel the resentment I already felt towards med school for other less tangible reasons.

I cannot wait for this post-test weekend.  I am way overdue for some relaxation!!

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  1. We're doing ObGyn also. I totally hear you, after two years of hearing everything that happens pre, post, and during pregnancy I think I'm reconsidering the whole offspring idea. So what if I'm defying the rules of Biology, there's some major craziness involved with reproduction! Good luck on exams