Sunday, December 5, 2010

No more excuses

Well, the day has arrived.  I can't put it off any longer.  This blog post is my final act of procrastination.  I must...

go to the grocery store.

I'm completely out of a lot of things.

Toilet paper.  Juice.  Breakfast bars.  Microwave dinners.

But this will be no ordinary trip.  For some idiotic reason, I actually thought it would be a good idea to throw a Christmas party.  I have procrastinated prepared well for this party.  I tidied my apartment.  I conned my mom into making a dish.  I googled recipes for finger foods.  I discovered that this thing called "oleo" exists and is called for in certain recipes and I googled its definition and decided it would be easier to just use butter, because I at least know where to find that box.

But I also I need things I don't normally keep in the house.

Things like flour.  Baking soda.  Molasses.  A cookie tray.

The party is tonight.


Wish. Me. Luck.

I'm off!!  Happy Weekend!!

Note:  I typed this yesterday but it didn't publish.  Party was a success.  Cooking solo (a terrifying experience) was a success.  The only thing I burnt was my elbow, even though my fire alarm went off three times.  >.<  Which apparently was too much stress for its little ticker and so the low-battery alarm beeped incessantly until I went BACK to the store for a 9-volt.  Now, me changing the battery was a true adventure and the illustrated story of that experience is coming soon.  ^_^


  1. over use of smoke alarms causes low battery.
    Hmm. I am right behind you. Ours went off once tonite......

  2. haha that's hysterical... we used to set ours off alll the time last year. luckily the ones in our new apartment aren't as sensitive! what did you serve?

  3. C: Cucumber sandwiches (my new favorite food I think), tomato-topped Naan chips (that was what kept setting off the fire alarm), cheese straws, party mix, and COOKIES!!!